Objectives of Saskatchewan Association of Rural Water Pipelines
1. To provide an effective, united voice for rural water pipeline groups across the province, in offering advice to government agencies involved in funding/regulating pipelines; and, to provide a focal point for government agencies to work with rural pipeline groups on policy issues.
2. To provide practical services to individual pipelines groups such as:
a) advice on administrative and operational matters based on the experience of others
b) workshops and training sessions for board members and operators
c) cost savings through volume purchasing of liability insurance, and common pipeline components such as valves and meters
d) providing information on changing roles of government agencies, water quality information specific to pipeline users, and new technology, much of which information would be obtained from government agencies and industry representatives
e) standard agreements for consulting services, and supply and construction contracts
f) negotiated standard costs for utility easements (railroads, gas lines, etc.) Negotiated standard approaches to pipeline easements across the province (Land Titles Office)
3. To collaborate with government and/or non-government organizations on research dealing with design, operation and /or water quality relating to rural water pipelines.
4. To provide a focal point for industry players, such as engineering consultants, pipeline contractors, suppliers, railroads and other utilities such as gas companies, to work toward improving services provided to groups.
5. To liaise with SARM on behalf of pipeline groups on matters relating to the Municipalities Act and rural utilities.
6. To liaise with other similar associations, on rural pipeline issues of national significance.
A number of government and industry agencies have expressed a strong desire for a provincial pipeline association to help them carry out their mandates, including:

  • Sask Water
  • Sask Health
  • Sask Environment
  • Canadian Water Resources Association – Saskatchewan Branch
  • Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan
  • Organizations similar to SARWP have been formed across North America.