2016 Letter to Members

MARCH 2016
Please note that some members are not using the address at Dundurn. Please change your records so that ALL correspondence goes to the Dundurn address above. Thank you for your co-operation.

It is that time of year to inform all of our members and potential members of changes, updates and membership requests for 2016.

I would like an email address for your Utility/Co-op/Association. This is a much more economical way for the Association to communicate with you. This will save the Association a lot of printing and postage costs.


The Association has joined Sask 1st Call on behalf of all of the Utility Boards in the province. The Association paid the One-time fee for joining Sask First Call. Once the individual Utility Boards are a member, each notification (ticket/locate request) your Utility receives is currently $3.75 per notification and reviewed on an annual basis by Sask 1st Call. This fee has been reduced from last year.

By having the Utility Board’s under the Association, you save the onetime fee which is based on the # of kilometers your Utility would cover.

The Subscriber Agreement that is signed by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Water Pipelines is for your information only and can be viewed and/or downloaded from our web-site ( The Appendix A which your Utility will have to fill out and return to Sask 1st Call is now available on our web-site. Appendixes B and C are for your information only and D is required if/when you are making any changes to the original information on Appendix A that you are submitting to Sask 1st Call. As stated, you will fill out Appendix A and the Appointment of Agent and forward to Sask 1st Call. You will then be required to provide your individual mapping data as described in the Database Correspondent Quick Reference Guide (also available on our web-site) and a copy of your Certificate of Insurance as indicated in the subscriber agreement in Section 5.5 (The Certificate of Insurance can be provided from your Insurance Agency).

If you require any assistance from Sask 1st Call – please contact Barb Tchozewski, Manager, Sask 1st Call at: or call her at: (306) 777-9507 or visit

**Note: Separate of Sask 1st Call – You will also have to fill in the Waiver and Indemnification Form and return to SARWP if you will be joining Sask 1st Call.
**Note: If you do not have access to the Internet, please email or call me and I can mail copies to your organization.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting of the Saskatchewan Association Rural Water Pipelines will be held Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at our Annual Seminar. More information will follow at a later date.

Operator Certification Training
As you are aware, in Saskatchewan, all owners of water distribution systems (pipelines) must ensure that the operation, maintenance and repair of their system is under the direction of a certified operator if their pipeline is to be licenced to operate by Ministry of Environment. This became mandatory July 15, 2005. If you are interested in having your operator trained but not sure of what level of training your operator requires, your local Ministry of Environment office can help you determine your operator training requirements.
If there is enough interest, SARWP will proceed with Level 1 – Water Distribution training sessions. Please email if you have any interest in a training session for your employees / certified operators. You can contact SARWP by e-mail or on the toll-free number.

2016 Annual Seminar
Note: A listing of the December 2015 sponsors is on the web-site.

The Board has now finalized the venue for our 2016 Seminar. The Seminar will again be held at the Park Town Hotel – downtown Saskatoon.

This year, our Annual Seminar has been scheduled for:
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 and Wednesday, December 7, 2016.
So please mark your calendars !

IMPORTANT: Please note that the CEU Training will take place all day Tuesday (from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) There will be NO classes on Monday afternoon.

There will be NO tour on Tuesday afternoon as in the past.

We will continue with the Wine and Cheese Registration on Tuesday evening. Our Auction (both Silent and Live) will continue in the same manner as in the past.

The seminar will be held all day Wednesday. We will be having our first planning meeting for the 2016 Seminar soon. We will have our annual reports from Water Security Agency. More information will follow.

Invoice for SARWP Membership

We have attached an invoice for your SARWP membership fees for 2016. (Also available on the web-site) Being a member has many benefits, some of which include reduced registration fees at seminars, bulk ordering of test equipment, up-to-date information on Water Security Agency (Ministry of Environment) regulations that became mandatory July 15, 2005.

You will note that we are now asking for an email contact address. This is our preferred method of contact with Utility Boards as it will save a lot in printing and postage.
We are again asking all Utility Boards if their contact information can be added to our web-site. Please check yes or no on the invoice.

Please send in your membership payment for 2016 as soon as possible. We are asking for more information on the invoice, but please note that it is optional and not a requirement to fill it out.

Membership Advertising

If your Utility Board would like to send out a notice of items for sale or any other topic that you feel you would like other Utility Boards to know about, please e-mail SARWP and your notice or ad will be added to a future newsletter.
Grattan O’Grady